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About MITG

Marine Independent Testing Group

World best MITG

Marine Independent Testing Group (MITG) is Korea’s leading institute to provide test facilities, expertise, information, and decision tools to address key environmental issues facing the international maritime industry. The main focus is to assess the mechanical and biological effectiveness costs, and logistical aspects of ballast water management systems and to assess the economic impacts of ballast water regulations and management practices.

Our mission

The goal of MITG’s on-board testing is to ensure that the results of scientifically sound and quality-assured ballast processing systems are independent. The main elements of on-board testing are the effectiveness, predictability, reliability, environmental acceptance and safety of biological processes.

Why you choose us?

MITG conducts R&D and certification testing with multidisciplinary expertise in maritime and biology industries.

MITG has an accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025, Which includes aquatic biological studies and analyses related to the performance evaluation of BWMS.

All testing protocols are based on the IMO G2, G8 Guidelines and ETV Protocol and employ scientifically validated or accepted approaches methods.


  • MITG is accredited in accordance with the recognized ISO/IEC 17025:2006.

  • “We aim to provide high quality scientific support and reliable results with excellent customer service”

    - President, MITG