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Type Approval

Shipboard Testing - IMO/USCG Type Approval

How are the international regulation?

BWMS must be approved by the Administration in accordance with IMO Guidelines (Regulation D-3 Approval requirements for Ballast Water Management systems). Also, US legislation requires the BWMS to be type-approved by the USCG.

  • · Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted 2016 guidelines for type approval of BWMS to Res.MEPC.279(70)
  • · The Coast Guard is amending its regulations on ballast water management by establishing a standard for the allowable concentration of living organisms in ship’s ballast water discharged in waters

MITG’s Service

MITG provides on-board testing for type approval of IMO and USCG. Since MITG is dedicated to customized testing, professional teams are always waiting to ensure that the test schedule is not delayed. MITG also provides extensive guidance to help develop products, obtain type approval and improve BWMS.

  • · Shipboard tests for IMO & USCG Type Approval of BWMS
  • · Measurement of Water Quality & Viability Analysis of Marine organisms
  • · Technical reports on Human / Environmental Risk Assessment
  • · Evaluation of test plans, dossiers and applications

[ Procedures for Shipboard Test of BWMS performed by MITG ]

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