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US VGP Compliance Test

US VGP Compliance Test of BWMS

Why should all vessels entering the United States undergo VGP testing?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Comprehensive Ship Permit (VGP) imposes strict requirements for the management of waste from ships in the US waters as well as fines and criminal prosecutions for breaches.

How often must ballast water be monitored?

1) If sampling results are below permit limits for two consecutive events, the vessel owner/operator may reduce monitoring to one time per year after the first year.

MITG can offers VGP Compliance Monitoring

MITG offers a verification package for discharge ballast water required by the US EPA Vessel General Permit. Our services include recommendations and assistance in setting up a testing plan for the equipment, including sampling, testing and reporting of test result.

  • · Set up a test plan and schedule for each vessels
  • · Testing of ballast water for biology and chemical residuals

[ Procedures for Shipboard Test of BWMS performed by MITG ]

Procedures for Shipboard Test of BWMS performed by MITG