BilgeWater Testing

The Bilge Water Testing Regulation
  • Discharge of Oily Water Separator Effluent is regulated by MARPOL Annex I/ Reg. 15 requirements(
The methods for monitoring of the system
  • International Standard ISO 9377-2:2000 - Water Quality–Determination of Hydrocarbon Oil Index–Part 2: Method Using Solvent Extraction and Gas Chromatography
  • EPA Method 1664, n-Hexane Extractable Material (HEM; Oil and Grease) and Silica Gel Treated n-Hexane Extractable Material (SGT-HEM; Non-polar Material) by Extraction and Gravimetry
Our Services
  • In MITG, we may utilize both the above methods, according to customers requirements, to test for the Oil Content in the Oily Water Separator Effluent and certify the equipment’s compliance with MARPOL Annex I.