Sewage Effluent Testing

The Commissioning Testing Regulation
  • Marpol Annex IV contains a set of regulations regarding the discharge of sewage into the sea from ships, including regulations regarding the ships' equipment and systems for the control of sewage discharge, the provision of port reception facilities for sewage, and requirements for survey and certification.
Our Services
  • In MITG assist our clients cope with the regulations and ensure that their sewage treatment plants are operating under the provisions of Marpol and MEPC resolutions.
  • We are testing the effluent under the following protocol, that covers all the above resolutions, and we may offer the appropriate sampling kits.
Parameter Method Applied
Fecal Coliform APHA 9222 D
Total suspended solids APHA 2540 D
E. Coli APHA 9222 H
pH APHA 4500 H+B
Electrical conductivity@25°C APHA 2510 B
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) APHA 5220 D
Total Residual Chlorine APHA 4500 Cl G