Graywater Testing

  • Part of the 2013 VGP specifies that new build vessels constructed on or after December 19, 2013 and with a maximum crew capacity greater than or equal to 15, and providing overnight accommodations to those crew are required to collect samples of graywater discharge for analysis.
  • Vessel owners/operators must collect and analyze two samples per year, collected at least 14 days apart, and report the results of those samples as part of their Annual Report.
  • Samples must be analyzed for the following:
    · Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
    · Fecal coliform or E. coli
    · Total suspended solids
    · pH
    · Total residual chlorine.
  • Sampling and testing shall be conducted according to 40 CFR Part 136
Our Services
  • In MITG, we may test for the graywater effluent and certify the equipment’s compliance with 2013 VGP, according to customer’s requirements.